DJ Meg – DJ

shopping, biking, reading, redoing our new home, fishing, going to the lake, cooking, photography, traveling, anything outdoors, going to the gun range when I can actually make it there!
About DJ Meg:
I’m have two beautiful little blessings I call Jaxson and Audrey. I love music, all music and it varies depending on my mood. I love classics: I favor the greats like Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James, Mel Torme, Sam Cooke, Mel Carter, and the Rat Pack. I could sit and watch classic movies all day long anything Audrey Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart, Jimmy Stewart, Carey Grant and the likes. My favorite author is Jane Austen; I can read Pride and Prejudice over and over, and never grow tired of it. I am a make-up and home décor addict.
My family has deep roots in our Military; my paternal Grandfather was in the Korean War, my maternal Grandfather was a POW for 27 months in WWII, my brother was in the Iraqi War with the Army National Guard as a Combat Medic, and my husband is a veteran of the US Navy (soon to be going into the Officer Training Program with the US Air Force). My Father-in-Law retired from the Navy as a Lieutenant, and my husbands grandfathers both veterans as well.